Content Planning

Content planning is something that I’ve done for several years now and by prepping my content for the entire campaign at once, I find it help me stress less and keep my content organized.

One of the first things I do is look at social media holidays, or “hashtag holidays” Many of these are quirky or trendy holidays that as a business owner, you can jump on board to promote your business or brand…click to read more

Top Picks from Campaign 17

Get ready to refresh your senses during our Senses Event! Whether you’re a fan of sultry Vanilla & Coconut, or my personal favourite, energetic Grapefruit & Orange Blossom, boost your bath routine into a new pampering experience. While you’re browsing the Senses section, be sure to also take advantage of the Shower Brush offer for only $4.99 with every qualifying order. Click to read more…