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Brow Out

Brows, said to frame our face and one of the most prominent features when someone sees you. Being perfectly honest, I’m not well versed in the worlds of brows. I admire them, I know how they frame the face and how they can play a powerful role in communication.

I also learned that changing the shape of an eyebrow can cause your face to “shapeshift” – a flat brow shape can visually shorten the face, whereas a structured arched brow can help a round face appear less round.

Brow trends have been evolving since the days of Ancient Egypt. Between 3500 – 2500 BC, in order to pay tribute to the God Horus, Cleopatra was known to heavily line her eyes and create dark, arched and elongated brows. This was painted on with a product made of carbon and black oxide.

Today, there are so many options for brows. You can leave them fluffy, tweeze them, get them tattooed, microbladed, drawn on, stamped…I mean, the possibility are endless! As a trend that keeps on evolving, brows today are looking more natural and fluffy with a more personalized approach. It’s no longer a one-size-fits-all and thanks to the evolution of makeup and hair growth serums (such as our Ultimate Brow & Lash Serum) you can now change up your brow look on the daily or until you find the style you feel most fabulous in.

Now with all that information, what product/colour should we choose?

Below is a GREAT resource I found from Avon Canada that lists different products and their shade ranges.

Here’s an example of different types of brow products available at AVON Canada.

Leave a comment! What’s your brow style and favourite products?

For now, I think I’ll try a pencil and gel and go from there.

Until next time, Jessie “brow-ing” out 😏

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