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Dry Shampoo

🤳 Dry Shampoo….It can be a miracle beauty product for those who are rushed on time and for those who have oily scalps.

📅 Used it once or twice a week, here are 6 tips when reaching for your favourite dry shampoo: 👇

🌟 1. Give it space. Spray 6-8 inches away from your scalp to ensure the product has enough space to evenly exit canister and apply on your scalp

🌟 2. Apply where your hair is greasiest. Remember that dry shampoos do not clean hair, they absorb excess oils along your scalp, so section off your hair and identify where oiliest and apply there

🌟 3. Give it time & love. Once you spray on the products, don’t comb through or massage right away. Give your dry shampoo a few minutes to absorb into your hair and scalp before using your hands to massage the product in for best results.

🌟 4. Don’t use more than 1-2x a week. Using Dry shampoo everyday could create buildup that may damage hair follicles therefore leading to thinner and weaker hair.

🌟 5. Keep it moving. Don’t keep the nozzle on one spot as this can deposit too much product on one area. Sweep the product back and forth to ensure an even thin layer of your favourite dry shampoo and then be sure to follow tip #3

🌟 6. Pick the right colour. Using a colour too dark if you have light hair will cause an unnatural cast and using a colour too light on dark hair may create a chalky and dull look.

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