• Brow Out
    Brows, said to frame our face and one of the most prominent features when someone sees you. Being perfectly honest, I’m not well versed in the worlds of brows. I admire them, I know how they frame the face and …
  • Dry Shampoo
    Dry Shampoo….It can be a miracle beauty product for those who are rushed on time and for those who have oily scalps.
  • Sweet Almond Oil & Your Skin
    Did you know, in addition to being a delicious and nutritious snack, Sweet Almond Oil is a fantastic ingredient to incorporate into your daily skincare regimen?
  • What’s Your Lipsonality?
    I’ve always been curious if different lip product preferences reflect different personalities, as I know that when I wear a bright bold lip, it instantly enhances my mood and ups my energy level. Discover your lipsonality
  • Hydrators vs Moisturizers
    💦 Discover whether your skin needs a hydrator or a moisturizer!