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A First for Jenevera!

A little first for our Jenevera! We are a food family. Much of our free time is spent baking, learning new skills or watching cool cooking videos like Binging with Babish. Today, Jenevera woke up early and right away said she wanted to show me how to make a “cool-looking” sandwich.

So we washed up and off we went to the kitchen.

She then proceeded to grab everything she would need to make a peanut butter sandwich and then into our baking drawer to grab a heart shaped cookie cutter. I actually have a pretty cute video of Jenevera when she was about 2.5 or 3 years old making a peanut butter sandwich somewhat on her own in a high chair but my all time favourite cooking video of hers is “How to Crack an Egg Starring Jenevera

OK! Back to present day. So Jenevera takes everything out and lays it out pretty much how I do it. She expertly used the cookie cutter to cut out the two slices of bread into heart shapes and then smears it with peanut butter and honey, lines them up together and tah-dah! She was so proud of herself and so was I.

 I really hope that the time we spend every week baking and cooking together continues to foster her love and creativity for food as I do believe that the ability to cook is a life skill.  

What was the first thing that your little one made in the kitchen on their own?

I hope you enjoyed our little story for today.

Until next time, xo’s ~

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