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Campaign 10 Earning Strategies

Campaign 10 runs from April 14th-27th 2021

We have a bi-weekly meeting chatting about different earning strategies and current offers for representatives to share with our customers. In this planner we discuss new products including the Dr. Belmeur toner, why toners are important and how they have changed over the past years.

We also highlight three questions that you as a brand/business should ask yourself before taking part in a hashtag holiday. Social holidays are great way to bring awareness, launch a campaign or build your brand reputation, but not hashtag holidays will be relevant to you and your brand

The main focus of campaign 10 is Mother’s Day as the brochure is filled with ready to give gift sets. Another option that you could encourage your customers to register with you online and then have the gift shipped directly to their gift recipient’s home. When clients register, they can actually choose two different addresses as shipping options – if there are more than two addresses that they want to ship to, they simply need to delete one and update it with a different address.

If you are here to see if Avon is right for you, feel free to visit my facebook page to see if that answers any of your questions or leave a comment to chat! I’m always here to help.

Below is the video to the team’s brainstorm session:

Cheers to an amazing Campaign 10!

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