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Canada Day Celebrations

Summer has been absolutely beautiful especially this past week for our Canada Day Celebrations! How did you and your family celebrate? I saw photos and updates on social media of some super fun activities and trips up to the cottage. We stayed home the entire day and had a blast. Nelson surprised us with a little back yard blow up pool so that we can enjoy the rest of the summer splashing around. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to take Jenevera to the community pool or beach this summer and this little pool is absolutely perfect for us! Since setting it up, she has been floating around in it on her unicorn floaty, learning how to hold her breath under water and learning how to float. Nathaniel hasn’t been as keen on the pool as it’s not heated and he hates being cold. He enjoys being held out of the water, but not at all in the water. Perhaps as the water warms up more he will become more accustomed to it.

We finished the night enjoying a dinner of tacos and nachos (made in our air fryer!) garnished with homemade guac and carnitas. It was delicious! We were also really lucky that we were able to catch glimpse of the town’s fireworks from our kitchen window. I was pretty surprised though as I thought all firework festivities were cancelled.

Another REALLY exciting thing that happened on Canada Day is that Jenevera appeared in our town’s live stream virtually singing O Canada. You can see her in town’s replay ( She appears closer to the end of the anthem, and if you listen really closely you can hear her little high pitch voice at the very end a little off pitch. It was adorable and I’m SO proud!!!

If you’re interested in watching the full version of Jenevera singing, you can find it on my YiksRUs channel ( or by clicking below

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