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End of the school year is here!

And just like that, Jenevera is finished Grade 2!  I can’t believe how quickly the last part of the school year just flew by.  Jenevera has been so happy to return to in person learning and when I asked her if she’s excited for summer vacation, she said she is, but…she’s not.  She will really miss her friends and her teachers but she’s excited to be able to sleep in again. 

To celebrate the last day of school, I originally arranged a playdate with her best friend including a surprise trip to Wonderland.  However, they unanimously decided that it would be more fun for the two of them to stay at our house and play…out of all things, school. LOL 🤣😂

I had to triple check to make sure that truly was what they wanted and they kept insisting that they want to stay home to play school, on the last day of school.  After another astounding YES, that’s exactly what they did.

I’m just happy that the kids had fun together and they even included Nathaniel in their games.

🍁Happy Canada Day! 🍁
How is everyone celebrating this long weekend?
We love long weekends as it allows us extra time to spend with family, going for walks, having a BBQ, chatting and playing games. A few years ago, I remember we walked down from my cousin’s place to Woodbine Beaches to watch the fireworks and that was so spectacular!  I think it was my first time seeing the fireworks with the CN Tower as part of the backdrop and it’s something we hope to do again once Nathaniel gets a little older.  

However you’re celebrating this weekend, I hope it’s a time that you can build many wonderful memories with your loved ones.

Happy Summer everyone.

Until next time, xo’s

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