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Avon Pure Essential Oil Tip and Overview

Sometime back, Avon Canada introduced amazing 100% pure, Canadian made essential oils. These essential oils were not advised to be applied directly onto your skin and was more suitable for use in diffusers, cleaning and with carrier oils. Soon after the initial launch of our essential oils line, Avon introduced the roll-ons which are safe topical application.

These expertly crafted, highly concentrated, pure plant-derived oils are safe, easy to use, vegan, and are paraben/gluten/phthalate/sulfate-free. In total there are six different 10ml formulas available.

Simply enjoy the benefits of these premium quality, premixed essential oils made in Canada by rolling directly on your skin or by breathing in the aroma of the oil as indicated in the table below.

Be sure to read and follow label directions and precautions. Remember these are not for oral use

Focus▶This natural, refreshing blend of sweet almond, lemon and rosemary is perfect for those who want to stay focused.
Apply to temples, side of neck, forehead, on hands as cleanser and breathe in the aroma.
Energize▶Mid-afternoon slump? A specially crafted scent to help you feel refreshed and energized. It’s like sunshine in a bottle.
Apply to soles of feet, temples, breathe in aroma, wrists
Detox▶Start fresh. Awaken your senses with this fresh and fortifying aroma, it’s like hitting reset!
Apply under chin, sides of neck, knees, inner things, wrists and sides of torso.
Bodyguard▶Give yourself a boost! An all-natural, powerful blend of sweet almond, clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary.
Apply on hands as cleanser, chest and soles of feet
Travel Ease▶Hate long car rides? This travel-friendly roll-on helps ease you through discomfort while travelling.
Apply on side of neck, sole of feet & wrist
De-Stress▶Keep calm and take the edge off! The perfect blend of calming and relaxing essential oils to transport you away from the stresses of everyday life.
Apply to temples, forehead, side of neck, shoulders & inner thighs

TIP: If you order an Avon Pure Roll-On and you find the rollerball is a little difficult to get going, simply roll it on a napkin or paper towel on a hard surface and apply a little pressure to get it started. The ball is purposely a little tight so the product does not leak during delivery.

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