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What is a Kabuki Brush

We added a new retractable Kabuki Brush to

our makeup tool collection!

Kabuki brushes were traditionally used to apply dense theatrical makeup of the Japanese kabuki dance-drama theatre. Performers often applied heavy makeup as part of their characters and the dense bristles of the kabuki brush allowed even and uniformed application for their heavy expressive makeup.

Our new fmg Kabuki brush is designed with soft and dense vegan bristles. This angled brush will effortlessly blend pressed or loose powders for a smooth & even application. The angle of the brush is also shaped to hug the contours of your face, neck and chest area. This kabuki brush is used to apply any sort of powdered makeup on a large surface of your face including loose powder, bronzer, foundation or even blush.

You can even use this brush on areas such as your neck, collarbone and cleavage if you want to highlight/contour that area.

9 cm L x 3 cm, vegan. Keep capped when not in use to protect the bristles

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