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Lockdown Grocery Stock Up

I can’t believe we are approaching the end of January and in Ontario, we are about 1/2 way through the latest State of Emergency Lockdown and Stay Home order. As of right now, it’s scheduled to end on Feb 9th or 10th, but there’s always the possibility of an extension.

As we did during the first wave, as soon as we heard, we went out and purchased some extra essentials for our family incase the lockdown is extended for a longer period of time. We still have some pantry staples since the first wave but we did want to stock up a little more on some of the more used pantry and produce items. We do this because we have no true idea what will happen over the next few weeks and during the first wave, there were some items that were quite difficult to get our hands on (besides toilet paper)

We have learned a lot during this past 10 months. (I can’t believe it’s been that long!!) We’ve learned some little tips on how to keep some produce longer and some things that were surprisingly freezable. I had no idea that you could freeze avocado whole! The texture is a little off afterwards, but hey! this means I can make guac whenever I want which is a definite win in my books. I’ve also learned tons of new recipes and cooking techniques so that we can continue to experience new foods. Jenevera has been a great help in the kitchen and we spend most Sundays on a baking adventure that the whole family enjoys.

Here’s the video from our YiksRUs channel with our latest stock up grocery haul. We went to 2 stores – our local T & T and our Walmart Superstore. The lockdown was announced around noon that day and Nelson went at around 6pm and already some staples were depleted – apples, homo milk, eggs, cornstarch, noodles and bacon just to name a few. BUT! There was tons of toilet paper left.

Leave a comment – how has your shopping habits changed since the pandemic started?

Stay healthy and positive!

Until next time, XO’s

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