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Making your shadow pop!

Using an eyeshadow primer is one of the steps to prep your lids for some pop of colour! The use of an eye shadow primer assists with a longer wear and often can help your shadows to blend easier. A primer may also create a smooth canvas before you apply your eyeshadow and helps to intensify your shadow colour.

Currently I do not own a primer, but I’ve been using some alternatives as a primer to have similar effects!

So let’s take a look at some alternatives.

I’ve personally tried using liquid concealer and then after it dries, set it with a powder foundation as a primer. It works well, but it’s not quick and easy as you do need to let the concealer dry before setting it with powder. Results were good though!

I’ve also heard that you can use highlighter, not the kind for text books, but the ones that give our skin a brighter and dewier glow and another option is to use a white eyeliner to cover your entire lid area. However, my personal go-to favourite right now is a liquid eyeshadow!

I’ve been using Avon’s Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow as both an eyeshadow and as a primer for the past few months. I looovvveee how easy it is to apply and how it makes other colours pop when I use it as a base. The other thing is that this shadow literally lasts all day! It doesn’t smudge nor does it budge.

This liquid shadow comes in two different finishes and I would only recommend the sateen finish and not the glitter finish as a primer. The glitter finish is great for a pop-of-wow and really fun to use as a glittery liner when applied with a liner brush, however I don’t believe it would give you the smooth base you would be looking like a eyeshadow primer.

Do you use an eyeshadow primer?

Until next time!

xo’s ~ The Dancing Avon Lady

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