Million Steps for Hope

If someone asked you to take a million steps…how would you feel? Seems like a lot doesn’t it?

But let’s break it down….

10,000 steps is about 8km, so one million steps would equate to approximately 800 km.

That’s a pretty daunting distance for one person to take on. Would you agree?

What if we shared the load? What if we came together to and each committed to taking let’s say 10,000 steps? It would only take 100 people to collectively achieve a Million Steps For Hope.

Upon diagnosis of any illness, having a strong support system is critical as it can help patients regain a sense of normalcy and maintain emotional stability. All of this plays a part in increasing their chances for the best clinical outcome.

Million Steps for Hope is here to be part of the support community, together we raise awareness, discuss support strategies, fundraise and on the last day, we commit to taking as many steps as we can as a community to show the warriors who inspire us that we, as a community are there with them.

For our third year, our team is reaching out to our contacts with the hopes that you will join us! The majority of our events will take place on facebook, but we also have an Instagram account where we will have some highlights from our facebook events.

We will have guest speakers, activities to promote a healthier lifestyle, highlights of fan favourite products that give back to various foundations and of course, our main event, our walk-a-thon.

Our team goal is to sell a total of 500 Pink Hope Bracelet sets ($15/set) or 500 Breast Cancer Awareness 2 Pack Socks ($14/2 pair set). I’ve already ordered mine to support the cause and if you would like to support please visit our website and look for our Pink Hope Crusade Flyer.

Until Next time,

Stay well, stay safe, and as always, stay fantastically kind,

Looking for a company that gives back?

Let’s chat! Avon is one of the top fundraiser for Breast Cancer affiliated associations and we need people like YOU to help us continue our mission

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