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6 Ideas on How to use New Rep Bundles to Start Earning

Did you know that new Avon Representatives have the opportunity to order these starter bundles for their first 6 campaigns for $60 each less your new member discount? That means that each bundle only cost you $45 before your provincial taxes. All these bundles have a minimum of $100 retail value which you can use to build your first 6 orders to maximize your earnings and customer excitement.

How can you use these to build your business?

1. Use as demos – take before and after photos, stream live demos, new business starter kit unboxing, first impression video etc.

2. Separate each bundle and create mystery bags for customers. The bundle may have a value of $50, but you sell at $30 each which would still give you the profit of 25%

3. Raffle – customer places a minimum $30 order, name goes into a draw for one of the bundles. Refer a friend who also places a $30 order, earn 2 draw tickets.

4. Sell as a gift basket for upcoming special occasion – birthdays, anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc

5. Split the bundle and offer as a gift with customer’s first purchase.

6. Virtual Events – Join an existing or organize your own vendor event to offer promotions, create excitement and find new clients!

The possibilities are endless and these are just a few ideas. You grow your business your way, but you’re never at it alone. When you start your Avon business, you will have a strong support system behind you to encourage, cheer you on or help you get back on path.

Reach out to chat more or to start your business today.

Until Next Time! Xo’s ~

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