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A New Addition to our Family Tree!

It’s a holiday tradition. I’ve been doing it since Nelson and I first bought our home together oh-so-many years ago. One that I look forward to every year.

Our first Christmas Tree

Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday of the year and every year I purchase 1-2 new ornaments to add to our family tree. Last year (and 6 years ago) was especially exciting as it was Nathaniel’s first Christmas tree and I bought a few special ones for him as I did with Jenevera’s 6 years ago. I love turning on some holiday music, sipping hot tea or chocolate and decorating the tree with Nelson and Jenevera. My little princess was especially excited about it last year since she got to decide where majority of the ornaments went AND we was gifted many antique ornaments from Nelson’s Aunt.

Jenevera decorating our family tree 2019

I actually still have some ornaments from my childhood tree and I love the memories that flood back every year that I bring them out. Last year I started explain to Jenevera the story behind some of the most significant ornaments and I hope that one day she will be able to reflect back amazing memories that we are creating now.

Every year since I joined Avon, I order my annual pewter ornament from Avon Canada but this year, I also added an adorable light up mini Christmas Tree. It’s incredibly cute.

You can hang it on your tree and it has an on/off switch for the attached lights. When I turned it on to show Jenevera, her eyes lit up. It was such a magical moment. We are planning on decorating our tree this weekend and will share with you the final results over on my Instagram

2020 Trees from avon.ca

Check out the video below to see my new mini light up tree in action! I love love love it. The light up trees have been a trendy holiday d├ęcor since last year. It has a beautiful vintage feel, but I didn’t want to invest in a full size table top tree, so this really was the perfect compromise.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful safe and happy holiday season!

xo’s ~ The Dancing Avon Lady

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