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Maximize Your Earnings by Planning Your Campaigns.

Every 2 weeks our team meets together to brainstorm ideas on how to grow our business.

The purpose of these meetings is to plan our campaigns, or our next 2-week selling period ahead of time. By planning ahead, you’re able to sort out what you want to focus on such as any major or hashtag holidays or any special product launches.

Typically I divide the meeting into a few chapter through a PowerPoint presentation to keep things organized.

This time around we talked about the different Premium Products, how to maximize your earnings by using your What’s New Brochure which are exclusive for representatives only and order closers.

One of the most important pieces to growing your business is to close the sale. For example, by sending out my newsletter reminders, I’m often able to increase my order size by $300-$500 or more depending on the season. Follow up don’t always have to be in a newsletter form. You can reach out to your clients through a phone call, what’s app group message, facebook chat, text message….the possibilities are endless. It is important to be consistent though so that your clients establish a routine. I recommend sending out your reminders approximately 2 days before your orders are due. This way you can benefit from both the customers who already have orders to give to you as well as receiving orders from customers who are still browsing. The browsing clients may have a couple of questions regarding a product or they may be looking for your recommendation.

Do you follow up? If you do, what’s your favourite method? Comment below!

Wishing you great success for your next campaign!

xo’s ~ The Dancing Avon Lady

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