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CHI Volcanic Lava Ceramic Pro Spin & Curl Review

When it comes to hair, I NEVER know what to do with it. Most days I simply throw it up into a messy “onion” bun or if I’m feeling fancy, a low “onion” bun LOL. Then I go through social media and I see these influencers or my friends with stunning hairstyles.

One of my favourite looks is hair down with big voluminous curls. Tons of sexy and romantic body that I go absolutely ga-ga over.

Earlier on in the year, Avon collaborated with CHI and started to carry a selection of their product line. What REALLY caught my eye was this Lava Spin & Curl.

At first, I was hesitant to order it as $210 seemed like a pretty hefty price tag. Then I started to do some research. The more I saw people using it, the more I was convinced that this would bring me that much closer to those gorgeous curls I oh-so-crave.

I took the plunge and pressed…add to cart.

Less than a week later, I received it at my door along with the rest of my Avon order.

Did I open it up right away to test? NOPE! Why? Because I procrastinate…and I think deep down, I was nervous that it wouldn’t work and turn out the way I envisioned. You see, I have what I call, “fluffy” hair, or…poodle-y hair where there’s little volume on the top of my head but lots of fluff at the ends.

Finally, last week, I did it. I set up my new ring light and my film set up and unboxed my new hair curler plus brought down 2 other CHI products that I’ve been meaning to test for the past 3 months to probably a year. YUP you read that right…a year (the video ⬇ will explain why).

So without further ado, here it is, the mane (hehe) event! The full unboxing, learning process and as a bonus, how the curls held up after 11 hours of wear.

From TheDancingAvonLady YouTube Channel


The curls lasted 3 days for me. Possibly even longer if I didn’t need to wash my hair. I literally rolled out of bed, finger combed and twirled my hair around my fingers.

Until next time!

xo’s ~ The Dancing Avon Lady

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