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April Barre Series

Hi Dancegeeks!

Here are the exercises that we worked on last Sunday. We will be repeating the same series for a few weeks.

If you haven’t received our link for the zoom call yet, make sure you visit our facebook group, Dancegeeks Emporium

Please remember to warm up before class and stretch afterwards! Full class stream at the end of this blog.


  • 4 tendu to each side, F.S.B.S.
  • 1 tendu transfer weight tendu close FSB
  • Retire and balance.
  • Repeat other side


  • 2 Demi plie, releve, grand plie in 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th
  • Port Des Bra front, arch back 2x
  • Circular PDB en des dans & en des hor
  • Finish in 5th releve & balance.  Repeat on other side


  • Degage accent out 2x
  • Degage accent in 4x
  • Repeat FSB, last one passe en terre devant and tendu pique FSB passe to front x2, Close
  • Repeat entire exercises starting behind
  • Repeat on other side


  • Retire, extend, hold close.
  • Repeat FSB
  • Small plie in between
  • Repeat BSF
  • plie
  • Retire, extend, fondu with leg extended, recover, close
  • Repeat FSB
  • Plie
  • Repeat BSF
  • Plie.
  • Repeat other side

Grand Battement

  • Kick, tendu, close 2x
  • Kick front straight to close 2x
  • Repeat FSBS
  • Repeat other side

Looking forward to our next dance session!

Until next time, xo’s ~

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