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Korean Strawberries

Korean strawberries are known for their juiciness, sweetness and to be of top premium quality. In Korea, strawberries are one of the most popular fruits and often are specially packaged as gifts on Valentine’s Day. According to, strawberries are Korea’s eighth biggest export item among fresh farm produce but is still relatively new to Canada. I believe they were not available in Canada until 2015 and we have been enjoying them since.

Fun fact! Did you know that the most expensive strawberries are called the “Bijin-hime” strawberry which sells for as much as 50,000 Yen each?

During our last grocery haul, Nelson surprised me and bought home a box of Korean Strawberries. We’ve never had them before and being the most expensive strawberries we’ve personally ever seen, we had to give them a try. We’ve tried Korean grapes before and were underwhelmed but we’re always out looking for new things to try (like sugar apples and Orri mandarins.

Unfortunately upon inspection I was immediately disappointed even before even opening up the box – watch the video to find out why!

What’s your favourite fruit indulgence?

Until next time, xo’s ~

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