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Exciting New Role!

I have been waiting and waiting for this email to arrive for what felt like forever…

About two weeks ago, I received an email from Avon Canada with the exciting news that they would like me to apply to become one of the first official Avon Content Creators for Avon Canada.

I was ecstatic!! I seriously could not contain my excitement. I mean, this has been something I’ve been dreaming of since the beginning of my YouTube Career. I kept thinking, wow, Avon really should have an ambassadorship program where in addition to sending PR packages to big influencers, they should also send to various representatives who love sharing their opinion to do the same. Then one day, I opened my email and it came true – I was asked to apply to be a pioneer in this pilot project.

It took me a bit of time to apply as I was so nervous with writing my paragraph on why they should choose little ol’ me. I wrote it, then rewrote it…and then rewrote it again. LOL In the end, I submitted what felt like a fully essay on how passionate I am about the social media and why I would be perfect for the role.

The day came when I was suppose to hear back and I’m telling you, it felt like time was standing still. I checked my email probably 100 times and finally at 3pm, I messaged my manager that I don’t think I got it as it’s already 3 and I haven’t heard back yet. I still had a glimmer of hope as it wasn’t quite the end of the day but by 6pm, I thought my fate was sealed (dramatic I know 😂)

Here’s my reaction when I got the news…

Excited to create more content for everyone!

Until next time, xo’s

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