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May Center Ballet Exercise

A few weeks back we learned a new ballet barre series which can be found here and the full video for breakdown of the steps can be found in this video:

This past week, we started a short center combo to Koto San by Ofshane

Center Excercise

  • Begin facing croise, L supporting leg R, extended to corner
  • 2 pas des basque R&L
  • Pique to releve, beat opposite foot back, front, extend to fondu a terre, arm in 3rd opposite first
  • repeat 2nd side
  • take extended arm, circle above and around to bring to first balance to diagonal ft, repeat back
  • pique to 1st arabesque
  • finish in fondu croise to the front
  • repeat other side.

For this week, repeat the entire exercise again.

Follow the video below for additional clarification

If you haven’t received our link for the zoom call yet, make sure you visit our facebook group,

 Dancegeeks Emporium

Please remember to warm up before class and stretch afterwards! Full class stream at the end of this blog.

Until we dance again, xo’s

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