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May Ballet Barre Series

Hi DanceGeeks! Welcome to our May dance series! We learned 5 new barre exercises this week (all of which can be done center barre) If you want to see some behind the scene set-up footage with a 19 month old….make sure you watch the video until the end!

If you haven’t received our link for the zoom call yet, make sure you visit our facebook group, Dancegeeks Emporium

Please remember to warm up before class and stretch afterwards! Full class stream at the end of this blog.


  • Tendu flex tendu close
  • Tendu force arch press stretch close
  • 4 tendu
  • Repeat front, side back
  • Degage to the side to prep for beats f/b 7x on 8th soutenu to 5th releve and balance.


  • 2 demi plie
  • 1 grand plie
  • port des bra forward
  • 1 releve and lower (4cts)
  • 1 releve quick, change positions
  • repeat 2nd (bend towards the barre) 4th (bend away from the barre) 5th (arch back)
  • finish and repeat other side.


  • 3 front
  • 1 pas des cheval forward
  • repeat front, side, back
  • pique to 2nd retire away from Barre & balance (4 counts balance, 4 counts reset)
  • repeat back towards barre & balance close in 5th
  • 8 degage side optional port des bras

Rond des Jambs

  • 4 a Terre
  • passe to tendu
  • fondu with extended leg
  • stretch supporting leg
  • close 5th
  • retire developpe front back to retire, repeat side and back from retire position
  • close plie, extend leg behind to prepare to reverse RDJ en des dans
  • reverse enter exercise


  • 3 front from 3rd cloche to kick back
  • reverse
  • 8 kicks side
  • kick out to second, hold and balance
  • repeat other side

Until we dance together again, xo’s

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