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Sweet Birthday Surprise

Nelson, my wonderful hubby is usually an all-or-nothing type of guy. He often preform these big gestures to surprise me for my birthday but due to the pandemic, the past 2 birthdays have been much calmer.

A few days after my cakeday, the littles were in zzz land and I was tidying up after dinner when Nelson came by, camera ready and confessed that he didn’t get me anything for my birthday.

That of course is perfectly fine.

He then proceeds to ask me if I wanted to bake my own birthday cake, which I really didn’t as it was late and the thought of spending the next hour and a bit to bake a cake sounded more exhausting than anything. He quickly piped in and told me he already had it half started and that’s when it donned on me…he must have made a cake in a cup! 😀 He saw Jenevera make one a few months ago with me and I’m guessing that’s where he got the idea from. So I opened the microwave and it smelled of delicious vanilla but there was a hilarious surprise in store. I completely lost it...Watch the video to find out what happened!

Until next time, xo’s ~

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