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Campaign 4 Planner

Our bi-weekly Campaign Planner gives us the time and opportunity to work ahead and pre-plan for the next campaign. I often use the material that we put together to create social media posts, blog posts and videos to grow my business. Many of these graphics can be found on Avon Academy, Avon’s Social Media Library and throughout the website. You can also easily create offers and graphics with free apps such as Snapseed or Canva. If you are looking to create offers for your facebook business page, I found that the blog banner on Canva makes a great size for the advertisement

In this planner, we chat about creating facebook business offers, a little extra training on eye primers and the benefits of collagen for skin care.

Campaign 4 here at Avon Canada runs from January 20th until February 2nd 11:58pm EST.

If you are here to learn about how to sell Avon and have not yet started your business, start now or reach out to me on any of my socials to chat!

If you are a rep on our team, please check out our facebook team group for the PDF format of this presentation to use to support your team.

Happy Selling!

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