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Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

I was chatting in my beauty group on facebook the other day about exfoliation and I started a simple question of, “How often do you exfoliate your face? Do you prefer chemical or physical?”

This started an awesome discussion with people sharing their favourite products or their favourite tools. There was a request for more information since one of our beauties has never exfoliated before (I actually gasped when I read it the first time lol) So here we are, talking about exfoliating.

Why exfoliate?

The process of exfoliating regularly is important because removes the layer of dead skin cells which can clog your skin. This removal will uncover the new skin cells underneath, allowing your moisturizers, serums and other skin care products to penetrate deeper into your skin which will make the products more effective. Regular exfoliation can also help to prevent clogged pores which can result in fewer breakouts. Regular long-term exfoliation can also increase collagen production which is key to glowing, radiant skin. Collagen can also promote skin elasticity and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How often should you exfoliate?

Most experts recommend that you should exfoliate 2-3 times a week. I would recommend if you’ve never exfoliated before, start with one time a week and then move up to either 2 or 3 times depending on how your skin reacts. I also love to exfoliate in the shower (when using a physical exfoliant) as my skin becomes super hydrated from the steam and water which makes sloughing away the dead skin cells that much easier.

I also recommend exfoliating at night for 2 reasons:

  1. Your face may be a little more flushed
  2. After exfoliating, always moisturize, and since our night moisturizers are usually heavier than day creams and formulated with additional treatments, it’s the perfect time to let them do their thing!

Physical or Chemical?

Both chemical and physical exfoliants essentially do the same thing ➡ they remove the dead top layer of skin cells. How they do it is very different. Physical exfoliants uses small grains, a brush, washcloth, etc (there other methods but preformed only by professionals) to scrub away the dead cells. You do have to be careful not to use scrubs that are too big such as shells or pits as they may cause micro tears in your skin. You should also only use your fingertips when you’re using a physical exfoliant instead of your palms to prevent applying too much pressure which may also lead to over exfoliating.

Chemical exfoliants are great for smoothing and brightening your skin. They slough off dead surface cells to help reveal more radiant and fresher skin. According to intothegloss.com, AHA, or alpha hydroxy acids are derived from natural substances that are idea for exfoliating dry skin as they remove the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together. AHAs are also water soluble so they cannot penetrate very deep into pores. On the contrary, BHAs or beta hydroxy acids are oil-soluble reaching deeper into your skin and pores. BHAs and AHAs can be used together because according the Dr. Dennis Gross, a dermatologist and exfoliation expert, think of a brick wall, the BHAs break down the mortar where the AHAs remove the bricks.

I’m pretty sure that you can use both physical and chemical exfoliants but I would recommend spacing them apart. Alternate physical one session and chemical the other session. Since everyone’s skin is different, always seek the advice of your dermatologist for your specific skin care needs.

So there you have it! Some basics of exfoliation. Leave a comment with how often you exfoliate your face and if you give it a special treatment afterwards. I like to use a sheet mask at least once a week to pamper my skin, but lately I haven’t had the opportunity to do it as often as Nathaniel has been a pretty busy little guy running all around the house.

Wishing you a beautiful day. Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time! XO’s ~ The Dancing Avon Lady


  1. Melanie says:

    Thanks for sharing! I shall start exfoliating once a week.

    1. Glad you found the information useful! Happy exfoliating! Are you thinking trying physical or chemical?

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