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VDL Creamy Stick Jelly Review

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VDL or, Vivid Desires Comes to Life is a “brand for dreamers and go getters” (VDLcanada.com). When Avon first collaborated with VDL, I honestly had NO idea about the brand and their brand philosophy.

My very first VDL product I tried were two of their face primers. I had ordered the VDL Lumilayer Primer and the VDL Cushion Primer as my introduction to the brand and after that, I fell in love! The great quality of the products and the modern packaging led to me to purchase quite a few more from their fantastic collection and I have featured them on my both my YouTube Channel as well as on Instagram.

I recently purchased the newly released VDL Creamy Stick Jelly which Avon Canada carries 4 of their beautiful shades. These include Riding Hood, Floege, Gretel and Rose Flakes (which is exclusive to Avon). I selected Floege as my shade of choice as this is a multi use product for both your lips and cheeks and I felt the other shades may be either too light or too dark.

VDL Jelly Stick Shades

Anyone here a fan of multi-use products? I personally love them! It’s perfect for on the go and I never really have to think oh…will my lips clash with my cheek colour? Not that I ever really pay that much attention to it anyways. My beauty philosophy is do what makes you feel good. Love bushy brows? awesome! Love how thin pencil brows look on you? fantastic! In today’s society there really isn’t and shouldn’t be a “norm” for beauty – do what makes you feel good!

Ok, I’m digressing…I do that a lot.

I filmed a full review on this jelly stick which you can find at the bottom of this blog, but upon first impressions I was surprised how big the product turned out to be. I actually thought it resembled a nail polish but I loved the funky and bright packaging.

VDL Jelly Stick YouTube Video

The colour of the product matched almost perfectly with the swatch on the box and container. I did find the actual product itself a little glossier which gives a beautiful finish to your cheeks leaving them with the ever-desired glass skin dewy finish. The Jelly Sticks are formulated with VDL’s exclusive Greenery Complex, Berry Extracts and Shea Butter. This concoction of good-for-your-skin ingredients leaves it feeling nourished, supple and moisturized. As an added bonus, many of the ingredients (which I list in my video) is filled with antioxidant properties! Yay!

VDL Jelly Stick YouTube Review Swatch

In my video, I do show you multiple ways on how you can apply the Jelly Stick on both your lips and cheeks. I was pretty surprised with how little product you really need especially for your cheeks. My personal tip is that if you do apply the Jelly Stick directly your lips like a lip balm, I suggest to clean off the product by wiping off a thin amount of the top layer to prevent bacteria growth before applying it on your cheeks the next time around. I hope you enjoy the video! Please leave a comment and a thumbs up if you do as it really helps me out a lot ❤

By the way…please help me..HOW DO YOU PROUNOUNCE “Floege” ?? Flow Edge? Floh-ge? LOL I couldn’t figure it out for my video, so please feel free to giggle at my expense. I don’t mind.

Wishing you a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by

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The Dancing Avon Lady


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