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Campaign 9 Team Planner

Campaign 9 runs from March 31st – April 13th 2021

Campaign 9’s focus is our company’s top selling hair products. Your customers can choose from our fantastic lineup including Elastine PropoliThera, Botanicals, Dry Shampoo, Dr Groot, Chi and more. With every $25 purchase from pages 3-13, your clients will also enjoy 2 free Elastine PropoliThera mini products.
By preplanning your Avon Campaign ahead of time, you’re able to really figure out what you want to focus on or how to set up your campaign for optimal earnings. Did you know by promoting the Spring Beauty Bundle which could make the perfect Mother’s Day gift to 10 customers that would guarantee you almost $500 in QV in one campaign? That’s almost 50% of the way to Gold status for new representatives and for those who are participating in the new Fast Track to President’s Club Incentive, this one promotion would be enough for your qualifier for Campaign 9!

There are also other great launches this campaign for our customers including Wonderbra and a new face mask collection.

If you are here to see if Avon is right for you, feel free to visit my facebook page to see if that answers any of your questions or leave a comment to chat! I’m always here to help.

Here’s to a fantastic C9!

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