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Earn More in Campaign 16

Campaign 16 runs from July 7th until July 20th 2021

Welcome to our Campaign 16 team planner! This campaign’s main focus our iconic Skin So Soft’s 60th Anniversary! Customers will be pleased to see that they can earn a free pair of Popcorn socks with every $19.99 qualifying order. Your clients can mix and match from body lotions, to shower gels, to our best selling bath oil. Be sure to reserve your customer orders in as soon as they come in to minimize the risk of items selling out.

Did you know…

Representatives can reserve their orders one campaign in advance, so when you’re working on campaign 15, you can already start reserving products for campaign 16 thus giving you extra time to grow your sales. Be sure to always order your brochures 2 campaigns in advance and if you’re President’s Club or above, order your books 3 campaigns in advance.

Make sure you share your estore link so that your customers can see the entire line up of brochures and flyers as many of them are not available as physical flyers. There’s also the rep only flyers that are always exciting and fun to browse.

Be sure to pay attention to the Skin So Soft Incentive that’s running for Campaign 16 only where you can win a prepaid credit card if you are one of the TOP SSS sellers in your tier. You should be able to find the details under Incentives in your Representative website once Campaign 16 is live on Wednesday July 7th.

Below is a replay of our team’s meeting on our Campaign 16 Earning Strategies. If you are not yet a representative and are interested in joining us, please click here . If you are here to see if Avon is right for you, feel free to visit my facebook page to see if that answers any of your questions or leave a comment to chat! I’m always here to help.

Wishing You a Successful C16!

Until Next Time, xo’s~

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