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Happy Birthday Skin So Soft!

Happy 60th Anniversary to our beloved Skin So Soft! Avon first launched Skin So Soft 60 years ago and the line has been a customer favourite ever since! Launched in 1961, The Skin So Soft empire initially began with a bath oil. The first Skin So Soft ad read “See how with one bath, it improves the texture of dry, flaky uncomfortable skin.” Over time, the Skin So Soft product line expanded to include a variety of bath oilsbody washeslotions and hair removal products.

Originally called ‘Skin So Soft Emollient Bath Oil,’ the first Skin So Soft bath oil was formulated with emollient oils and scented with balsam, evergreen and herbs. Packaged in a glass perfume-like bottle, it was fitted with an ‘SSS’ as its logo. Soon after, Avon also introduced both a bar soap and an after-shower smoother to The Skin So Soft collection. To this day, The Skin So Soft Original Bath oil remains Avon’s most popular and iconic bath and body product.

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Now, 60 years later as we celebrate its anniversary, you can still enjoy many of the same experiences of the Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil as the very first formula. When applied, the SSS Original Bath Oil surrounds you with a with a fresh, herbal scent while soothing and moisturizing your skin for deliciously soft and hydrated skin.

Over time, the full Skin So soft collection has changed to sport a more modern packaging and improved formula. The first Skin So Soft Logo featured three big S’s in a delicate font typically in a vibrant colour such as pink or green. As it was rebranded, the logo became bolder with cleaner lines in a strong black font.

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Soft & Sensual

As mentioned, the Skin So Soft product line has expanded to include a variety of bath oils, body washes and lotions. Today, there are three main formulas: Skin So Soft Original, our most well known bath oil formulated with jojoba oilSkin So Soft Soft & Sensual, which soothes and quenches dry skin with argan oil leaving you with a spicy floral scent, and finally Skin So Soft Radiant Moisture previously known as Signature Silk. This one is formulated with Illuminator Technolology which renews your skin with healthy radiance and lasting moisturization. It’s also formulated with argan oil and leaves your skin feeling sensually soft with a peony and musk scent.

Supreme Nourishment

More recently, Avon also added in Skin Soft Supreme Nourishment, a line of ultra-nourishing bath and body formulas with macadamia nut oil and a nutty vanilla scent. This line includes a wonderful line up of products including a milk lotion, a whipped body butter and lip balm. There is also the Skin So Soft Comforting Shea which is formulated with a unique blend of our Skin So Soft signature oils such as natural shea butter, plus it’s rich in vitamins A, E and F. This line is infused with the warm scent of vanilla, sandalwood and leaves your skin lasting moisture and softness

The Skin So Soft formulas are renowned for their ability to hydrate and soften skin with a luxurious at-home-spa experience. This brand has become iconic since it’s been introduced in 1961 and it continues to grow adding to their collection to include products such as SSS Bug Guard and the SSS Fresh & Smooth Hair Removal Line. Skin So Soft will continue to be one of Avon’s top selling body care brands as it is a name that customers generation after generation already know and love.

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