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Top Picks for Campaign 8 2021

Campaign 8 runs from March 17 – 30th 2021

Welcome to Campaign 8! Are you ready to indulge your lips with our newest Cashmere Essence Lipcream? What is it you ask? Great question! The Cashmere Essence Lipcream is a new antiaging balm-like lipstick that marries the combination of lipcolour and care. Enriched with a concentrated blend of anti-aging ingredients such as Bio-Retinol complex, ginseng cell extract, antioxidant meadowfoam seed oil and vitamin E, this product leaves your lips feeling luscious while providing a high shine medium-full coverage. Available in 10 shades in 2 finishes and in this campaign only see how you can qualify for a mystery gift with your purchase. So I ask you again, are you ready to #CaressYourLips with our newest #CashmereEssenceLipcream ?

This campaign is such a fun campaign because if you know me, you know how much I adore lip products. From balms to stains to lip paints, I’ve tried almost all the wonderful lip products that Avon Canada carries. In this spread, you can discover what your “lip personality” is which is a really fun way to decide on what formula may best suit your needs or a way to try a new lip style.


There are some really exciting offers when you check out our online store this campaign. Make sure you do take a peek at our Triple Save flyer where the more you stock up, the more you’ll save. Save on some of your favourite such as shower gels, lip balms and more.

We also have 3 exclusively online Beauty-full collections where you can get $151+ value for only $70! These bundles have been specially selected as part of our 135th Avon anniversary. They feature full-size top picks at a guarantee 50% savings just for you! This is the last campaign for them, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of these top sellers!

Page 16-19 features our newest Farm Rx Line which is a vegan clean beauty skin care line. I’ve been personally using it for almost a week now and the results have been impressive! I have a first impressions video if you would like to check it out, or you can read my blog on it here. if you are curious about it but do not want to commit to the full size products, get the Trial Size while you can. The trial size features the entire collection which includes both moisturizers, the Bakuchiol serum and eye cream.

If you’re not looking for a retinol alternative skin care formula like Farm Rx, then check out the new belif Travel Kit which includes the newest Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask. The Sleeping Mask is AH-MAZING! The easiest mask I have ever used since I started using mask. I will have a full review coming up over the next few weeks, but I even tested it out on my knuckles and noticed a difference with it. One of my friends used the mask on patches where she suffers eczema and noticed a huge improvement!

Pg 53 has a fantastic offer on the fmg Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow. any 2 for $18. My personal choices are any of the Sateen ones as they stay put all day, but are not too glittery. My go-to for a neutral is the Citrine, but if I want a hint of pink (perfect for spring) I lean towards the Pink Sapphire and for a punch of dramatic colour, Jasper is my top choice. You can also check out the video review here for the sateen finish and here for the glitter/shimmer finish

For our fragrance lovers, GREAT NEWS! Ginza Stefany now has their third installment (which I believe is their final chapter of this fragrance story) Introducing Ginza Stefany Always Beside You Eau de Parfum. To be honest, I’m not a fragrance wearer as I do have a slight scent sensitivity. However! I am so intrigued by this line as the bottles are so classy and the story behind the fragrance transports you back in time filled with elegance and romance.

For those who love our classic fragrances, our Rare Diamonds Eau de Parfum is on promotion for only $19.99! That’s a $15 savings

Are you looking for your rejuvenate your skin and your skincare routine? Take a peek at our special skin care feature starting at page 101. Also be sure to take advantage of our Pink Headband offer for only $5.99 with every purchase from pages 102-125.

Amazing offer on the Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir only $29.99 with every $15 brochure purchase! That’s less than 1/2 price. Yes! That also means that if your brochure order is over $30, you can take advantage of this offer twice and get 2 of the elixirs.

Pages 130-151 showcases our latest spring accessories line. Plus on page 151 many of our Pink Hope products are back in feature (stay tuned as we have some new Breast Cancer products coming out in just a few campaigns)

Do you remember the hoodie top with the built in face mask that I showed in one of my videos? If you loved that one, great news, it now also comes in blue which is perfect for spring! I loved my black one so much that I ended up purchasing a second one for myself.

Pg 208 shows the Rollerball Massager that I always keep at my workspace. When I feel tension creeping up to my shoulders I quickly take a 60 second break and use it on my neck and shoulders to instantly release tense and tight muscles.

Pg 216 Gives you a great offer to give your hands some much needed TLC. Any 2 of our Avon hand creams for $7, this is the perfect time to stock up!

If you’re order online with direct shipping, make sure you take advantage of our free shipping offer! Remember when you spend $50 online, in addition to receiving free shipping, you will also enjoy free samples, our c9 Avon brochure AND a free Magix Prime Face Perfector with SPF 20 that has a $20 value!

Happy Shopping!

Until Next time, xo’s

Campaign 9 Preview!

Starts March 31st 2021

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