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Vision Boards

Happy National Vision Board Day!

Before we get started, there’s seems to be a discrepancy as to when #NationalVisionBoardDay is. Some sources say it’s the 2nd Saturday in January, some say that it’s today, January 11th. To me, it doesn’t matter the day as long as I get my goals and visions for my future out into the universe.

Are you a vision board believer? I’m definitely a setting-your-goals-and-writing-it-down believer. If you’ve followed my YouTube Channel since its beginnings, you’ll notice a “900” by my door. This was one of my goals for my Avon business a few years back. I placed it in a strategic spot so that every time I looked up…BAM there it is! Previously, I also had a goals board up for before my hubby and I tied the knot. I posted it up in my office so that I could see it everyday and let me tell you, the day I checked off the last goal…that sense of accomplishment was beyond words.

Vision Boards are important because it provides you with a visual daily reminder of your dreams and goals. The way they work is that it needs to be placed in a spot where you can see it every day – look at it as a daily dose of motivation. If your reason, your purpose and your why is important enough to you, this visual will help to keep pushing you forward. Often, your vision boards will elicit an emotional response because these goals are THAT important to you.

Public or Private?

Whether you decide to keep your vision board public or private is a very personal decision. You may want to keep it just for you, to disclose to a very specific like-minded group, or you may choose to post it up very publicly. If you choose not to share your goals with the world, I still encourage you to share it with the Universe.

THE UNIVERSE?? Your crazy Jess!

When I say the universe, I don’t mean post it as an ad on google or to print out posters and pin it around town – If that’s your thing…then more power to you! But what I mean, is to say it out loud. Say your goals out loud, write it down every week or every day in a notebook, say it out loud in the shower – do what you need to do but just get it out. Don’t internalize it. Get. It. Out.

She believed she could, so she did. ~ R.S. Grey


Your vision board may or may not be time bound. I believe that most people create annual vision boards and that is one of my favourite ways to approach them. I mean, the board that I created before DH and I were married wasn’t fully complete until well after we got married. Was that upsetting to me that I didn’t fully reach all my goals prior to my wedding day? Not at all! The goals were still met, but it took more time than I originally anticipated. Remember, the intended timeframe isn’t necessarily an expiration date for your goals, you just may need to reassess some of them for the following vision board or an amended board.

Alright! So here I am, putting my vision board and goals out into the universe. If you want to share yours, or type a few of your goals in words in the comments below, please do! I’ll be cheering you on! For my vision board, I have both personal and professional goals as I am striving for more balance this year. This is also my first year using Canva to create it. I chose a digital form this year since I am shopping less (there are kits you can purchase from Amazon) and this way I can post it as the wallpaper for my computer or phone so I see it on a daily basis.

Vision Board 2021

Wishing you the best 2021 ever and that all your visions come true!

Until next time,

XO’s ~ The Dancing Avon Lady


  1. Erin Wetzel says:

    Love this post! Vision boards are one of my favourite ways to stay on track with my goals and completing one is like completing a goal! Tons of great info and tips, thanks for sharing Jess 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome! Glad you enjoyed it! Please come visit again sometime soon ❤

  2. ❤❤❤ That is so incredibly sweet of you!!! YOU ladies inspire me to do and be better every day! Thank you for being so awesome :*

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