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6 Steps for Radiant Skin

Healthy radiant skin is the top on many people’s beauty goals, myself included. Changes in weather, hormones, stress level, quality of sleep and what you put into your body can all affect your skin over time.

Personally, I’ve been struggling a bit with clear skin the past few months once Nathaniel started to wean and my breakouts are only amplified when my monthly friend comes to pay a visit. However I do believe that by eating healthier, getting enough quality sleep (which is SUPER difficult between the two little ones) and find the right skin care regime is the best way to take care of your body’s largest organ.

In Campaign 7, Avon has an entire section in their brochure dedicated to showing you the perfect products and how to use them to attain healthy radiant skin.

Step 1 Preparing Your Skin

Throughout the day, the skin on your face is continulously covered with dirt and other impurities. The very first step to a healthy glow is to make sure you are thoroughly washing your face morning and night. BUT! Before cleansing you want to make sure you prepare your skin by gently removing any makeup, oil and other impurities to help reinforce your skin’s moisture barrier.

Step 2 Cleanse

A proper cleanse of your skin helps to elimiate excessive oil, makeup and impurities while refreshing your skin. Washing your skin both AM & PM also helps to clear away dead skin cells and unclog pores. In addition to your favourite cleanser, you can also use special skin cleaning tools that aids with deep cleaning and clearing away the buildup of dead surface cells. I’m currently rotating through 3 different face washes – the Rice Water Bright, Dr. Belmeur amino Clear Bubble Foaming Cleanser and the belif Jelly Cleanser. I just ordered the new Pore Cleansing System and look forward to trying that out over the next few weeks.

Step 3 Exfoliate

We’ve chatted about the importance of exfoliating before and the different types of exfoliators in a previous blog post. Rough patches and dry, flaky textured skin prevents your skin’s natural radiance from shining through and prevents the maximum efficacy of your skin care treatments. By gently clearing away dead skin cells 2 to 3 times a week after cleaning will help to rejuvenate and resurface your skin. I personally love using a physical exfoliant and my current pick of choice is the Isa Knox Anew Clinical Microneedling Polisher. This was featured in the 2020 Chatelain’s Beauty List and it does NOT disappoint! I immediately notice how silky my skin felt after one use and I’ve been using it twice a week for the last few weeks with a full review coming soon!

Step 4 Apply a Serum

Serums are targeted treatments with concentrated ingredients that treat specific concerns and signs of aging. Applied after cleansing/toner/essences, they are lightweight and ideal for layering under moisturizers. They often deliver powerful and fast-acting ingredients directly into the skin which is great for targeting skin care concerns such as wrinkles, discolouration, dullness and uneven skin tone. Serums can be incorporated into any skin care regime and can be used both morning and evening. It’s important to remember to always apply your skin care products from lightest to thickest for maximum absorption. I personally love using the Eclat D’or Youth Activating massager to help my skin care products absorb into my skin. Finding the right serum is the perfect compliment to your moisturizer.

Step 5 Treatment

Treatments are your “skin care saviours” Choose from skin correctors to wrinkle-fighters, these high performance skin care treaments target your skin care concerns and takes your regimen to another level. Make sure you read the instructions for your treatments as some should be used both day and night while some should only be used once a day or a few times a week.

Step 6 Moisturize

Moisturizing is probably the most popular step and the first thing you think about when you’re considering a skin care routine. Moisturizers are actually the last step of most skin care regimes, sealing in serums and treatments to maximize their benefits. During the day, want a moisturizer that has a SPF or add on a SPF to protect your skin against damaging UV rays which are present even on cloudy days. Night creams tend to be a bit heavier as they are designed to repair and rejuvenate your skin. For your eyes, you want to choose a specific moisturizer designed for the delicate skin around your eyes. An eye cream helps to correct the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, sagging skin or crows feet. Remember to always apply your eye cream before your face cream. My long time favourite has always been the Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro system, but recently I’ve been using the belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb which is extremely delicate and lightweight.

If you have any questions regarding any of the Avon products, post it in the comments sections and I’ll do my best to answer your questions!

Wishing you happy and healthy skin!

Until next time, xo’s ~

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