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Avon Campaign 17.20

Avon Campaign 17 reminder and personal specials from your Dancing Avon Lady!

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** National Lipstick Day

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This past week we celebrated National Lipstick Day! Lipstick is definitely one of my favourite part of my makeup routine as the right colour can easily pick me up and give me a boost of confidence.

What type of formula is your go to? I’m all over the map on this one. I used to be pretty much a gloss and balm only girl and then one day I started experimenting with lipsticks and now my collection has grown and grown.

When I get ready in the morning, one of the first things that I do while I’m applying my makeup is condition my lips. Right now, I use either the care deeply balm or the VDL Mint Favor Lip Cubes as it also gives me an extra wake up punch from all of its minty-freshness. At night, I often will tap on my extra serum or eye cream on my lips (careful not to lick you lips after) to moisturize and hydrate.

Lip looks or Lipstories as I call them can be super personalized to suit your mood of the day. Ever purchase a colour that you felt was either too light or too dark? Don’t throw it away! Add a highlighting shade to the darker ones and boom! New lighter shade. Too light of a lipsticks? Don’t fret! Apply to the center of your favourite lipstick to create more dimension.

Would love if one of the satin lipstick shades would also come in a matte look? Try dusting on some translucent powder through a tissue until you achieve desired look. I heard that this also works with cornstarch! If you have tried this, please let me know!

Checkout our entire lip lineup at my estore, www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik and don’t forget to take advantage of your free velvet lipstick offer.

** The Dancing Avon Lady’s Newsletter

Issue 17.20
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Happy August! One of my favourite months of the summer! Although hot, August was the month where I became a mommy <3 I can’t believe that Jenevera is turning 6 on Monday!! 6 going on 12. LOL She is so full of sass that I am honestly a little worried what she will be like as she approaches her tween years.

Her 5th year has been a really interesting one. She became a big sister and fell into that role so easily and it came so naturally to her. She’s patient, nurturing and so protective over her baby brother. Often putting him before herself, I remember one of my most memorable moments with her was one morning, I was getting ready for an online meeting and Nathaniel was a little fussy. Without hesitation, she climbed into his crib so that she could soothe and entertain him. We are honestly so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl <3 Since the entire lockdown happened, her maturity with everything that’s happening around her also surprised me. I mean, she’s always been really mature, but even this surprised me. She knows that there are boundaries to what she’s allowed and not allowed to do. That she can’t go over to play dates right now and shopping trips are non-existent. BUT she’s knows that it’s all just temporary and does not throw a fit. I can’t even begin to imagine how I
would have reacted at that age with all these rules and parameters. I am so proud of her.

fun day in our little backyard pool

Any plans for the long weekend for you? Gardening, bbq? Little road trip? Travelling in within Canada? We are having a weekend of festivities for J since we can’t go on our annual trip up to Wasaga as I heard that many of the public beaches are closed or at certain capacity level. Even without closures, I wouldn’t feel comfortable going all the way up only to discover that the beaches are so full that we couldn’t safely socially distant ourselves from the people next to us. Plus, the washrooms..eekā€¦that would be scary (I have a little public washroom phobia)

Last little update from our garden! WE HAD OUR FIRST HARVEST! We were so thrilled to be able to pick our own veggies from our little indoor garden even if it was only 2 tiny string beans. Although super small, I think it was still a great lesson for Jenevera to learn about how food is grown and how you need to take care of them. She also learned a little about roots as we planted some bak choy in a transparent container and that’s been loads of fun for her. Personally, it’s been pretty inspiring and I’m tempted to try planting a small outdoor veggie garden next year. Great way to continue connecting J to nature and it brings us fresh homegrown and organic produce for free! win win. What are some of your favourite and easy veggies that you grow in a pot? Please share some ideas our way.

A quick little video of Nathaniel (https://youtu.be/_Yd9QlzFQbs) that was so cute and sweet from our vlog channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2OE6qH4NO9qSDXV_KXLIjg?)

Check out some of new videos from my Avon (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik) channel (http://www.youtube.com/thedancingavonlady) ! Please subscribe to get all of my videos to your inbox. I have new videos up every week, sometimes more than one. Coming next week, our latest neon line!

Mini Summer Jewelry Haul! I’m OBSESSED with the pearl earrings. (https://youtu.be/CIsEZyJzju0)

U (https://youtu.be/EjtA4ANjxiI) nboxing $1000 worth of Avon Products! (https://youtu.be/uu4JFdO_6lw)

I will be contacting those with previous orders to arrange delivery.

Much Love and remember to stay fantastically kind!


The Dancing Avon Lady

Please be advised that due to recent increases to my Avon Business, I will be making the following changes effective starting soon. My processing fee will be changing until further notices from 70 cents to $1 on your order. I want to sincerely THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and understanding that Business costs have increased over the years and that my Avon Business is not exempt from these increases. I once again want to thank you for your support and understanding!
Don’t forget that my new estore (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik) is now open!! Place your orders online, direct delivery to your home usually by Canada post or UPS! Please visit www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik)

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One link – all of your current brochures! (http://www.avon.ca/shop/en/avon-ca/brochure-list)
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Your Dancing Avon Lady Top Picks from C17!
Make sure you also check out all the online flyers (http://www.avon.ca/shop/en/avon-ca/brochure-list) for all our great offers!

Pg 2 Nourish your skin with our new Moisture Therapy Balance & Soothe line created iwth Microbiome to help keep your skin balanced & healthy.
Pg 8 – 10 Jump onto the neon train and play with colour! Create graphic liner looks or add a pop of colour with the stunning mascara. All on intro specials
Pg 12 Orange Crush A Box , a $44 value for only $12.99 with every qualifying purchase
Pg 15 Water-based cushion blush forumlated with hyaluronic acid to give you colour to your cheeks while instantly boosting hydration! Check out my video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGFRQAzK9aI&t=11s)
Pg 17 Incredible offer! Beyond Colour Lip Conditioner only $4.99 with qualifying purchase
Pg 20-27 BOGO 99 cents!
Pg 37 One of my FAVOURITE Avon Lip products – Birthday Balm Lip Crayon. Butter-soft with a hint of colour. Absolute perfection. Review video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuVje0-t46M)
Pg 53-55 New and exciting! Makeup that’s good for you! A collaboration between belif & VDL. I ordered the Glow moist fix & mist and will be trying out that one soon. Have you tried either belif or VDL?
Pg 72 The Solution Face Mask. So far, I’ve tried 2/3. The Nourishing Mask is awesome and reminds me of honey. Formulated with propolis extract to help restore the look of tired skin.
Pg 91 Avon Classics any 2 for $24
Pg 99 Anew Gold Peel Off Mask. Last time in brochure! awesome product and I’m sad to see it go. Watch my first (and one of my top) videos on this mask. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNLg5_ESJFo)
Pg 102 Skin feeling tight and thirsty? Try out our Miceller water and Snow Cream!
Pg 106 Free Anew Cleanser offer
Pg 111 Anew Sunscreen Lotion only $5 with every Anew purchase with qualifying order
Pg 115 Anew 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum only $14.99 with qualifying purchase
Pg 120 Back in stock! Moisture Shield – a classic favourite
Pg 149 Tie-Dye Swing Dress – I’ve seen this dress on so many people and it looks FABULOUS! Summery, light and fun. while supplies last
Pg 155 Flutter Sleeve Shirts with new designs! Super popular during Q2, now they are back with 3 new colours/print
Pg 162 compression gloves. Provides warmth, gentle pressure and light support to your hands
Pg 166 SUPER fun socks!
Pg 172 NEW! Push Pump Whisk. So cool! push down the handle to rotate the risk! Whisk with less effort
Pg 173 Dough Blender & Fluted Pastry Cutter Set. For the baker in your life!
Pg 178 any 2 Pure Essential Oils for $32
Pg 184 Soy-Blend Wax Candles for a cleaner burn. BOGO 50% off
Pg 186-189 New teeth-whitening line & more.
Pg 212 New Men’s Line now here! Introducing Gentology formulated with aloe & natural herbal extracts.
Pg 214 Say Hello to Baby Shark!! Introducing babience KIDS & Perioe Kids. All you need for your little one’s toiletry needs.
Pg 224 Back in stock! SSS Bug Guard. Hurry! while supplies last! I have a few items on hand for immediate pick up if needed.
Back Page. Breast Cancer Stud Earrings. A 3-pair pack for $17 and 10% of each sales goes to the cause.

Make sure you check out all the flyers especially our quarterly Good-Buys Flyer (https://www.avon.ca/shop/VBrochureWrapperView?catalogId=51017&langId=11&DO=c172020_goodbuys&storeId=10651&storeId=10651) with clearance items!

Campaign 18 Brochure Preview (https://www.avon.ca/shop/en/avon-ca-next/brochure-list)
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