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Avon Campaign 19.20

Avon Campaign 19 reminder and personal specials from your Dancing Avon Lady!

** Orders for C19 are due Tues Sept 1st by 9pm

Please call, text or email me with your orders before then.


Visit my online boutique at www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik

** Free Shipping + Special Offer Just For You!

Be amongst the first to try a 2 week supply of our very latest in innovative skin care. Offer valid on a Direct-to-Customer (DTC) online order of $50 or more (before taxes and shipping) from August 19, 2020 (12:00 AM EDT) to September 1, 2020 (11:59 PM EDT)
Shop now at:
Avon eStore (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik) .

** Earn from Home

Welcome to your new beauty biz! Join Avon today and be your own boss, make your own hours, and take advantage of 5 amazing offers that give you some in-demand freebies and the chance to start your new side hustle from the comfort of your own home! Ask me how or start right away by going to www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik
avon.ca (https://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik)

** FACTS About our Chi Hair Care Line

Check out my facebook beauty group for more tips and group share – The Dancing Avon Lady
We have partnered with professional hair care leader CHI for about a year now. This collection of products features a unique blend of certified organic botanicals that include aloe vera, pomegranate, hibiscus & many other nutrient-rich ingredients that all work together to promote healthy-looking hair.

So if you are looking for a product line that offers moisturizing properties and you’re seeking to increase elasticity to encourage fuller, thicker-looking hair, make sure you take advantage of the free CHI travel bundle offer this campaign!

🔹Aloe – Boasting outstanding moisturizing properties, aloe is a natural humectant that helps hair lock-in moisture and reduce frizz.
🔹 Pomegranate – Full of antioxidants, pomegranate stimulates the scalp and has pH balancing properties that help clarify hair.
🔹 Hibiscus – Rich in vitamins and amino acids, increases elasticity to encourage fuller, thicker-looking hair.
🔹All sulfate and PABA-free.


Checkout the entire collection at my estore, www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik and don’t forget to take advantage of your free day cream offer.

** The Dancing Avon Lady’s Newsletter

Issue 19.20
Canada implemented an anti-spam law that took effect on July 1st. If you no longer wish to continue receiving emails and specials from me, please click “Unsubscribe from this list” at the bottom of the newsletter.

Hope everyone is well! I have another story to give you a giggle this Sunday.

Ah the realities of working from home…on the computer all the time.
Everyday, my routine is wake up, take care of Nathaniel and we exercise and play for about 45 mins before breakfast. Then we eat, and I get ready for my morning meetings etc.
I’ve been pretty good about getting myself done up to look professional from the waist up – I mean, the camera doesn’t catch me from usually the upper abdomen down.
On this day, big rush – lots of meetings and contacts with my awesome team but I was a bit behind schedule, so I though…screw pants – I have little dance shorts on and no one will see.
Finished my first 2 meetings, feeding the kids lunch and 5 mins before my next meeting, I suddenly hear my door knock. I peek at my nest camera and it’s showing my customer that I was expecting TOMORROW (I misread the date of the email) So I ran to the door grabbing her order on the way forgetting that I’m in a blazer and the rest of my professional wear…but no pants. I opened the door just as I realized how umm..mix-matched I must have looked. LOL My client also looked a little surprised or well forever scarred for life 🙈 🙈
We had a good giggle about it but lesson learned – always keep a pair of emergency crazy pants by the door. 👯‍♀️

And today, well, it’s Friday as I write this, but this happened this afternoon. I have a love-hate relationship with technology.

For playdates, Jenevera has had a few driveway outdoor playdates with her friends, socially distance appropriate and lots of video chats on an app we have called What’s App.

Today, one of her best friends from school calls and they’re chatting away so I pop upstairs for a quick shower. Mid shower, I hear ::knock knock:: and it’s Jenevera. I couldn’t hear her over the running water and through the door so I told her to come in. She says something, that I honestly can’t even remember now, but next thing I know, she’s sticking her little hand past the shower curtain into the shower.

I swiftly ask her, IS THE CALL STILL ON??? and she pipes in YEP!

I quickly wrap as much as my body as I can with the shower curtain frantically screaming…”GO ASK DADDY!!!!”

I think I’m going to have to find her a new best friend as I probably scarred this poor girl for life…

My latest Grocery Haul video! (https://youtu.be/QS-gIBG6gHQ) Take a peek to see what I was able to score for under $60 out-of-pocket from our vlog channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2OE6qH4NO9qSDXV_KXLIjg?)

Check out some of new videos from my Avon (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik) channel (http://www.youtube.com/thedancingavonlady) ! Please subscribe to get all of my videos to your inbox. I have new videos up every week, sometimes more than one. Coming next week, our latest neon line!

C (https://youtu.be/X8LVfaJzRe0) ashmere Complexion Foundation Review both Wet & Dry (https://youtu.be/P4A9VebEHbw)

U (https://youtu.be/kLb5TheyW-A) nboxing C16 videos! See if you can spot your order! (https://youtu.be/ggYvM8Wr1Uc)

I will be contacting those with previous orders to arrange delivery.

Much Love and remember to stay fantastically kind!


The Dancing Avon Lady

Please be advised that due to recent increases to my Avon Business, I will be making the following changes effective starting soon. My processing fee will be changing until further notices from 70 cents to $1 on your order. I want to sincerely THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and understanding that Business costs have increased over the years and that my Avon Business is not exempt from these increases. I once again want to thank you for your support and understanding!
Don’t forget that my new estore (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik) is now open!! Place your orders online, direct delivery to your home usually by Canada post or UPS! Please visit www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik)

New Products to our Avon Defense Line!


Avon Defense Saline Nasal Spray
Reg $23.50, Now $18.50

Avon Defense Hand Cleansing Wipes – 2 sizes available!
Pack of 10 wipes Reg $6.50, Now $4.99
Pack of 50 wipes Reg $22.50, Now $18.99

K94 Shield Every Moment Particle Mask $8.99
4 Ply mask – Pre filter plus mirco filter for better filtration.
Adjustable strap for a tight fit and prevents leakage. Adjustable straps for a tight sealing that fits tightly on your face. Pull the strap to fit your face size.
Ergonomic 3D shape – 3D shaped shell for a pleasant wearing. Hardshell material and 3D design help the mask keep its shape and let the inner layer to not touch your lips.

Best Bundles to Save you Bundles!
Look under “Online Exclusives” on my estore (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik) !

ALO Ocean Flower Relaxation
Reg $37.50, Now $24.99

Bright Eyes Essentials Pack
$80 Now $302

Purse Concentre
Choose from: Imari, Far Away, Sweet Honesty & Haiku
Reg $6 each, Now 3 for $14

Magix Prime & Magix Tint
Reg $20 each, Now $12.50 each or 2 for $24 or 3 for $32

Rare Gold Eau de Parfum Spray
Reg $30 each, Now $17 each or 2 for $32

Any 2 Antibacterial Hand Gels for $10!

One link – all of your current brochures! (http://www.avon.ca/shop/en/avon-ca/brochure-list)
simply click on the brochure cover below to access all campaign 19 e-brochures. (http://www.avon.ca/shop/en/avon-ca/brochure-list)


Your Dancing Avon Lady Top Picks from C19!
Make sure you also check out all the online flyers (http://www.avon.ca/shop/en/avon-ca/brochure-list) for all our great offers!

Pg 2 FREE Chi Travel Kit with qualifying purchase! (I’m ordering the Lava curler! (https://www.avon.ca/content/ca/webassets/en_ca/images/products/pd/p3000975_1_ca_en_ca_pd.png) )
Pg 13 UNREAL Deal! Anew Ultimate Dual Elixir only $19.99 with every $15 purchase!
Pg 19 Super adorable and charming harvest Salt & Pepper Shakers.
Pg 21 New Sheet Masks available from Fruits & Passion now available
Pg 25 Beauty Basics Combo $7 with qualifying order
Pg 27 New! FMG Cashmere Complexion Compact Powder Foundation. It’s amazing! I never thought I would use a powder foundation so much! Fantastic product. Review here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4A9VebEHbw&t=1s)
Pg 34 Love at 1st Lash Waterproof Mascara – a 3D mascara that is infused with good-for-your-lashes ingredients! The wand is fantastic with a cobra wand which I feel really enhanced the curl of my lashes. Review video to come! (http://www.youtube.com/thedancingavonlady)
Pg 37 FREE Black Glimmerstick with any 2 Glimmersahdow purchase
Pg 43 Birthday Balm Lip Crayon has been my go-to lip colour whenever I’m looking for something super hydrating with a sheer hint of colour. It’s one of my new favourites! Review video here (https://youtu.be/TuVje0-t46M)
Pg 47 Free Black Luxury Liner with every qualifying purchase
Pg 61 Get your skin ready for the upcoming weather change! Get your Jumbo-sized belif moisturizer + hyaluronic acid powder to create your own moisturizing mask!
Pg 80 Tattoo Station for your perfect brow. I’ve actually been using the pomade as an eyeliner for the past few months and I LOVE it! Works a lot like a gel liner and really stays put.
Pg 90-99 Free Full Size Cleanser with qualifying purchase!
Pg 102 Avon Eclat D’or Youth Activating massager – Still loving and recommending it! Not only has it help to reduce the puffiness of my face, but I find it to be a really relaxing experience especially when I take it up to my scalp and the back of my neck. First Impressions video here (https://youtu.be/LHR6pIpnA8I)
Pg 104-109 FREE mini Anew Anti-Pollution Serum with every purchase from these pages
Pg 111 WOW! Buy 2 mini moisturizers and get 3 free masks! Incredible offer!
Pg 115 Rare Pearls 3-piece set only $16.99 with qualifying purchase
Pg 126-129 Receive a FREE True Gent Blue sample with qualifying purchase
Pg 138 Stunning Lavender Freshwater Pearl Collection – Loving my pearl hoop earrings and I receive so many compliments on them! I love how you can dress them up or dress them casually. Check out my mini jewelry haul video here (https://youtu.be/CIsEZyJzju0)
Pg 144 Western Wind Collection – This collection is created with genuine white quartz accents! I think these will transition beautifully into fall fashion!
Pg 153 Shop for the cause.
Pg 170 These are so cool! Recycled Polyester Socks! Great stocking stuffer for the holidays!
Pg 180-185 For you home and kitchen needs
Pg 189 We have some new Essential Oil Sprays! Choose from Lavender, Car freshener, Outback and our Bathroom Bestie!
Pg 212 Advance Technique any 2 for $10
Pg 213 360 Nourish Leave In Treatment 2 for $15
Pg 217-221 Oral Care at Avon! We now carry both fluoride and fluoride-free formulas!
Pg 223 Tranquil Moments $5.99 with every brochure purchase
Pg 224-227 Cucina BOGO 50% off offer!

Campaign 20 Brochure Preview (https://www.avon.ca/shop/en/avon-ca-next/brochure-list)
Check out what great offers are coming soon!
See something you like? Reserve early now before items sell out!!