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Avon Campaign 20.20

Avon Campaign 20 reminder and personal specials from your Dancing Avon Lady!

** Orders for C20 are due Tues Sept 15th by 9pm

Please call, text or email me with your orders before then.


Visit my online boutique at www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik

** Free Shipping + Special Offer Just For You!

Receive a free Alo Soap bar from Avon with your $50 estore purchase.

Free shipping with any order of $75 or more. Offer valid until 11:58pm EST on Sept 15th 2020.

Shop now at:
Avon eStore (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik) .

** Beauty Lovers Wanted!

Welcome to your new beauty biz! Join Avon today and be your own boss, make your own hours, and take advantage of 5 amazing offers that give you some in-demand freebies and the chance to start your new side hustle from the comfort of your own home! Ask me how or start right away by going to www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik
avon.ca (https://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik)

** What is Paeonol?

An Exclusive Skin Care Ingredient
Check out my facebook beauty group to for tips and to chat to other beauty lovers – The Dancing Avon Lady
One of our biggest skin care launches is finally here! This campaign, Avon is introducing to us, Isa Knox a new segment from our Anew Ultimate Line. I’ve been personally using this for a week now and from what I see so far, all good things! I have a first impressions video filmed, but still in editing mode. Please make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel, The Dancing Avon Lady to be notified when it’s released!

What makes Isa Knox really special is that it’s infused with Paeonol which is an extract that is derived from rare peonies. These peonies are grown for 10 years without the use of pesticides and they flowers are cultivated over a 10 day period during their peak to maximize the quality and content of Paeonol. Paeonol is an exclusive ingredient to LG, which we are now in partnership with.

Paeonol is a bioactive compound found in peony flowers and has multiple anti-aging effects on your skin. This includes:

Helps skin to look healthy and become firmer
Brightens Dull Skin
Helps to restore skin cells to their youthful looking state
Supports the production of collagen & syndecan
Reduce the look of age spots associated with the excess production of melanin.

The Isa Knox line is good for normal, dry, oil & combination skin. The complete collection includes a Serum, Eye Serum, Day Cream and a Dual Night Cream that you can use to target both volume and firmness

Checkout the entire collection at my estore, www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik and don’t forget to take advantage of the free day cream offer.

** Pineapple Solar Light

Reg $30 Now $18

Local delivery only
while supplies last


** Mesh Inset Leggings

Reg $45, now $37 each

Local delivery only
while supplies last

Avail in Purple or Black sizes M-3XL

** The Dancing Avon Lady’s Newsletter

Issue 20.20
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I hope that this newsletter finds you well. Can you believe that we’re already in the MIDDLE of September? Hope that if you, or if you have littles (or not so little ones) going back to school last and this week that the process has been smooth and seamless.

Jenevera technically started Grade 1 this week. At first I was really stressed out since she will be participating in the online learning as opposed to in class learning. To be honest, there was very little communication sent to us until the very last minute but I do understand that everyone is going under extreme stress. It was funny though – I was all hyped up for the online orientation but because SO many people were trying to get in at the exact same moment, the page completely crashed. Many were not able to access the landing page website for quite some time. Eventually we were able to get on and poor J didn’t understand a word of it. It definitely was more geared towards the older grades and parents.

After the 2nd day of orientation, there were asynchronous activities (I didn’t even understand the meaning of that until Thursday afternoon) and one of them was math based. The video was teaching the students about the Fibonacci Sequence – nothing in depth, just what it is and that it’s important. So the first task for the students was to pronounce the word “Fibonacci” When Jenevera tried, omg, I roared with laughter. It is a more complicated word and she kept saying “Fib-I’m-Itchy” LOL I wish I caught it on tape. It was so cute.

On the Nathaniel front our little Yiklet is crawling and moving around EVERYWHERE and he literally gets into everything. He has an insatiable appetite and loves to eat eat eat. I can barely keep up with his demand. Can you believe he’s 11 months old now? Where did the time go? He’s also sleeping really well in his own room since we moved him in a month ago. He does fuss sometimes but often I find him sitting up in his crib playing with one of his toys so I know he’s happy. He also FINALLY said Mama. He’s been saying Dada months now but for the longest time he kept calling me “nai nai” which literally means “milk” LOL So when he said Mama for the first time on Tuesday, my heart was so full! We love watching him have little conversations with his sister and his toys especially when he becomes REALLY passionate about a “topic” and babbles on with hand gestures and various levels of tone and intonation. It’s really cute.

By the time the next newsletter comes around, summer will be over and fall will be here. For those who have successful garden harvests, do you have plans on how to preserve your fruits and veggies? Some favourite recipes? I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Donna who gifted us with a generous bag of home grown pears. They were so delicious and I ended up making an incredible Apple-Pear & Walnut Loaf. By far, one of the tastiest things I have ever baked as it was super moist and bursting with pear flavour. Thank you again Donna! My family absolutely loved it.


My latest cooking adventure! (https://youtu.be/koosbcogfQM) A quick and easy way to cook chickpeas in your Instant pot from our vlog channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2OE6qH4NO9qSDXV_KXLIjg?)

New videos from my Avon (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik) channel (http://www.youtube.com/thedancingavonlady) ! Please subscribe to get all of my videos to your inbox. I have new videos up every week, sometimes more than one.

Waterproof VS Non-Waterproof Love at 1st Lash Mascara (https://youtu.be/feabyVVMKm8)

U (https://youtu.be/kLb5TheyW-A) nboxing C17! See if you can spot your order! (https://youtu.be/ggYvM8Wr1Uc)

I will be contacting those with previous orders to arrange delivery.

Much Love and remember to stay fantastically kind!


The Dancing Avon Lady

Please be advised that due to recent increases to my Avon Business, I will be making the following changes effective starting soon. My processing fee will be changing until further notices from 70 cents to $1 on your order. I want to sincerely THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and understanding that Business costs have increased over the years and that my Avon Business is not exempt from these increases. I once again want to thank you for your support and understanding!
Don’t forget that my new estore (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik) is now open!! Place your orders online, direct delivery to your home usually by Canada post or UPS! Please visit www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik)

** Leopard Hair Clip

Reg $5, now $3

** Local delivery only

while supplies last


** Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Reg $60 Now $45

Local delivery only
while supplies last

Avail Sizes XS – 3XL

** Avon True Color Transforming Contour Stick

Reg $20 Now $13

** Local delivery only

while supplies last

Avail in light, medium or deep

** Ice Burst Necklace

Reg $30 Now $20
Local delivery only
while supplies last

New Products to our Avon Defense Line!


Alcohol-free Avon Defense Mouthwash
Reg $10.50, now $8.39

Avon Defense Saline Nasal Spray
Reg $23.50, Now $18.50

Avon Defense Hand Cleansing Wipes – 2 sizes available!
Pack of 10 wipes Reg $6.50, Now $4.99
Pack of 50 wipes Reg $22.50, Now $18.99

K94 Shield Every Moment Particle Mask $8.99
4 Ply mask – Pre filter plus mirco filter for better filtration.
Adjustable strap for a tight fit and prevents leakage. Adjustable straps for a tight sealing that fits tightly on your face. Pull the strap to fit your face size.
Ergonomic 3D shape – 3D shaped shell for a pleasant wearing. Hardshell material and 3D design help the mask keep its shape and let the inner layer to not touch your lips.

Best Bundles to Save you Bundles!
Look under “Online Exclusives” on my estore (http://www.avon.ca/boutique/jessicayik) !

Hydration Pack
Reg $85, Now $34.99

Senses Antibacterial Hand Gel
$10 Now $5 each or 6 for $25

Supreme Advanced Performance Crème
Reg $70, Now $40

One link – all of your current brochures! (http://www.avon.ca/shop/en/avon-ca/brochure-list)
simply click on the brochure cover below to access all campaign 20 e-brochures. (http://www.avon.ca/shop/en/avon-ca/brochure-list)


Your Dancing Avon Lady Top Picks from C20!
Make sure you also check out all the online flyers (http://www.avon.ca/shop/en/avon-ca/brochure-list) for all our great offers!

Pg 2-9 NEW! Isa Knox Anew LX Ultimate Collection. The newest skincare technology is here. Receive a free mini day cream with every qualifying purchase
Pg 13-15 Stunning Iconic Avon Jewellery Collection
Pg 21 Anew Hydra Fusion Trio all 3 for $39.99 with qualifying purchase. A $126 value
Pg 23 Hi-Brow Sculpting Gel $12.99 with qualifying purchase
Pg 25 Amazing value! Any 3 Glimmersticks for $10.99
Pg 29 Love at 1st Lash Mascara – now avail in Waterproof! Review here (https://youtu.be/feabyVVMKm8)
Pg 32 Makeup Remover wipes – purchase 2 and get the TC eye makeup remover lotion for only 99 cents! That’s 2 wipes + the remover lotion for $17.97
Pg 47 My FAVOURITE Birthday Balm Lip Crayon – buttery, hydrating with a sheer wash of colour! Find your MLBB shade here! Video Review available. (https://youtu.be/TuVje0-t46M)
Pg 52 Brow Basics! Find an assortment of tweezers, brow stencils etc
Pg 55 AWESOME A Box! Keep it for yourself, save it for the holidays or have it as a ready-to-give gift!
Pg 59 Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser only $9.99 with qualifying purchase
Pg 79 My favourite pomade! I personally use this as a gel liner and love it!
Pg 98 Vitamin C Lip Treatment I tried this out as a suggestion from several people and WOW It’s some amazing stuff! My lips look visibly plumper and healthier after about 2 weeks of use. Fantastic product. Video to come.
Pg 109 Free Black Mineral Mask offer
Pg 125 Rare Gold EDP only $16.99.
Pg 137-165 New fall clothinig & accessory collection!
Pg 177 New Cucina Essentials Multipurpose Wipes – Bleach & Chemical Preservative free
Pg 179 Essential Oil Sprays. Vegan, non-toxic & not tested on animals. Any 2 for $38
Pg 189 Intensive Moisture Foot Cream $1.99 with qualifying purchase
Pg 191 NEW Delicious Senses Almond Latte collection perfect for the upcoming cooler autumn weather.
Pg 197 Hydration Heroes any 2 1L bottles for $24
Pg 201 New! Royal Black Bee Honey Mint Toothpaste. I just started using this new toothpaste this week and wow upon first impression, my teeth feel squeaky clean! Flouride-free & formulated with royal jelly & Australian propolis extract which is known for it’s nourshing and healing effects.
Pg 205 Beauty Soaps 2 for $2!
Pg 227 Drawstring Toiletry Bag $9.99 with qualifying purchase

Make sure you check out the Daily Essentials online flyer (http://www.avon.ca/shop/en/avon-ca/brochure-list) to learn about our latest Botanicals hair care line for all different types of hair.

Campaign 21 Brochure Preview (https://www.avon.ca/shop/en/avon-ca-next/brochure-list)
Check out what great offers are coming soon!
See something you like? Reserve early now before items sell out!!


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