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Campaign 8 Team Planner

Campaign 8 runs from March 17th – March 30th 2021

Campaign 8 is the beginning of our spring campaign with great offers on spring cleaning products plus a fantastic spread of different lipsticks. The main focus this campaign are our new lipstick offers where clients can also get a mystery lip liner with a qualifying purchase. One of the lip products includes the newest fmg Cashmere Essence Lipcream which has a melting balm-like texture. Your customers will benefit from anti-aging ingredients such as ginseng cell extract with a buildable medium-full coverage available in 10 shades.

In this planner, we chat about potential Mother’s Day offers as well as some fundraising ideas. Fundraising is an excellent way to build your brand awareness in and around your community. Our team had an tremendously successful fundraiser for senior citizens living in long-term care centers over the holidays. This was so inspiring that many of our team members have branched off to organizing their own fundraisers and built long-lasting relationships with various organizations.

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