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LYRD & alo Candle Haul

There is something so relaxing and romantic when you burn a candle. Whether it be during a nice bubble bath, or a romantic dinner for two, candles can create a beautiful ambiance to any room. I remember I first started burning in high school. I would turn on some music light a candle and just embrace the mood-lifting scents (strawberry candles were my favourite back then) It was my little time to escape whatever stressors I had that day. The flickering of the flame and the music of the great Sarah McLachlan transported me to a whole other dimension. My blissful escape from high school torments.

As a homeowner, I now purchase candles for various areas of my home so that if desired, we can have a different scent experience for different areas of our home. One of my all time fav scents that Avon ever came out with was Ginger Zest. Alas, this particular one has been discontinued and I’ve been looking for a replacement one ever since. I particularly like this one when I’m in a cleaning mood as it reminds me of walking into a crisp clean hotel room for the first time (maybe it serves as a momentary mental escape from the constant mess of my house lol).

When Avon Canada announced that they will be introducing candles from alo and LYRD I logged into my Avon site to check out what the upcoming scents would be.

LYRD or Layers Redefined was introduced to the Avon fragrance world earlier last year. Specifically for the candles, they are crafted by expert perfumers and are a generous 312g, 3-wick candles that gives 30 hours of burn time. The vase is a beautiful milky white glass with a textured label. The wax is a soy-blend which offers a cleaner burn than traditional paraffin wax.

TIP: For the best results and maximum burn time for our 3 wick candles, for the first initial burn, light all 3 wicks, burn for 1 hour, then blow out the candles, let the wax reset and then burn as desire.

I was also curious about the alo Fruits & Passions candles that were announced. Available in 3 scents – Orange Cantaloup, Grapefruit Guava and Ocean Flower, I immediately added the Orange Cantaloup to my cart as I experienced I think it was either the hand cream or the bath bomb before the holidays and was really surprised how much I loved the scent.

The alo candle collection felt like a more casual and fun decorative piece as the labels are brightly coloured offering a cheerful, carefree vibe. Each glass vase is recyclable and reusable. What is unique to this candle which wasn’t available with the LYRD candles is that the alo candles comes with a wood lid! The alo candles are 220 g each and are a single wick. Although smaller, to my surprise, this candle offers approximately a 35 hour burn time. They are not tested on animals nor are any of the ingredients derived from animals, so it’s safe to say that this is a vegan candle.

Tip: Trim wick 1/4 inch before every use for the 1-wick candles. Do not let wick residue or any other waste accumulate in the liquefied wax. Place on temperature safe surface. Keep away from drafts. Glass container will become hot when candle is lit. Let the candle burn for at least 2 hours on the first use and for a maximum of 4 hours every following session

Never leave burning candles unattended. Keep away from children and animals

LYRD Violet & Birch Candle
Delicate violet, crisp birch and warm vanilla. Soy-blend wax $35
LYRD Juicy Currant & Magnolia Candle
Juicy currant, sweet rhubarb and blooming magnolia. Soy-blend wax $35 (my favourite from the LYRD line)
LYRD Rose Blossom & Musk Candle
 Pink peony, sophisticated rose blossom and soft musk. Soy-blend wax $35
Alo Orange Cantaloup Perfumed Candle
With sunny orange bursts and the sweetness of cantaloupe, this playful, fresh and radiant fragrance will revitalize your body and delight your senses. 1-wick candle. Handmade with plant-based wax. 35 hours of burn time. Glass/wax. 220 g. $18.50

Wishing you a scent-sational day!

Until next time, xo’s

Review video with Jenevera as my little helper 💕

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