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National Bubble Bath Day!

It’s January 8th, which means it’s National Bubble Bath Day! Whether you’re in for the nostalgic magical bubble baths from your childhood or you’re looking for some much needed rest & relaxation, what better way to commemorate this hashtag holiday than by soaking in a nice bubbly bath tantalizing your senses with your favourite scents?

I have many fond memories of bubble baths…When I was a but a wee lass, I remember taking epic bubble baths with my younger cousins (in our bathing suits) and we would turn on the jacuzzi tub creating bubbles that would pile so high we could get lost in them! Jenevera has followed in my footsteps with her love of baths. Her favourite is a bubble bath tub filled with toys so that she can give her toy octopus a bubble beard or a stylish bubble hair-do.

So! To celebrate today’s special day, I thought it would be fun to share some….

Bubble Bath Fun Facts!

  • Did you know that the earliest foam baths were foamed with soap which became a practice soon after soap flakes were marketed. By the 1960’s foam baths became the preferred method for bathing children after they began to mass market foam bath products in supermarkets. (from wikipedia)
  • According to some, bubble baths are so popular not only because it is believed that it cleanses the skin, but the foam from the bubbles insulates the water keeping the bath warm longer.
  • Bubble Baths can be used to hide the body of the bather to preserve modesty in theatre and film (think Chandler’s bubble bath scene from Friends)
  • Taking a bubble bath may help you sleep better and improve your mood! The act of soaking in a warm tub of water combined with the aromatherapy from the scented bubbles may help you relax resulting in a better night’s sleep. You’re clean, relaxed and happy!
  • To create the foamiest of baths, use your shower head to aerate the water. I do this for Jenevera all the time. I start her bath, pour in a capful of our favourite Avon Bubble Bath and then after the bubbles start forming, turn on the shower head and fill the tub until the desired level has been reached. Tub full of bubbles every time!

Avon is known for their abundant selection of bubble bath products and I’m excited to share that we now carry Fruits & Passions Alo Milky Foaming Bath in 3 scents – Ocean Flower, Pear Peony and Grapefruit Guava.

Our Avon Senses Bubble Baths are each 700 ml and can provide up to 24 pampering baths in each bottle. Although not endorsed by Avon, I often use them as a gentle hand soap if I’m in a pinch. Find our full lineup at my online boutique

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What type of scent do you reach for when you want to soak in a tub full of bubbles? 🛀

Happy National Bubble Bath Day!

Until next time,

XO’s ~ The Dancing Avon Lady


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    1. 😎 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. So glad you enjoyed them! What’s your go-to bubble bath scent? floral? fruity?

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